Bringing My Remote Control Helicopters to Gaithersburg, MD


I not too long ago took a job situated in Gaithersburg, MD, and with that comes a fairly sizeable move. I must principally move across the country, and when I realized that this job offer was finalized, I nearly had a panic assault, because I didn’t know how I would finest transport my assortment of remote control helicopters.

What ended up occurring was an ideal story that I like to inform different helicopter fans and even different potential helicopter enthusiasts. Anyway, I referred to as a number of of my buddies within the space, who are also distant control helicopter enthusiasts. Though none of them lived anywhere close to Gaithersburg, MD, they were all prepared and keen to help me in my move. They showed up a week in advance and helped me pack up my assortment of about 7549 remote control helicopters, which ended up being a painstaking amount of wrapping, checking, and rewrapping of each helicopter and then putting them right into a box and making sure that they received’t bump in opposition to one another or break during transport. I needed to make it possible for when I arrived in Gaithersburg, MD that my helicopters would still be intact, because I had a competition within the close to future, and I didn’t want to lose even one of many helicopters in my massive collection.

Fortunately, my associates had been extremely cautious and considerate and made positive that they packaged each one rigorously and when I lastly arrived in Gaitherburg, by automobile, they had been there to help with unloading as well. I just couldn’t believe that they took the time and the money for me. I by no means realized how helpful different helicopter fanatics might be, and I’ll never forget how fantastic they were throughout my transfer to my new job in Gaithersburg.

I’m actually now enthusiastic about my new job, and now that I’ve begun I am really pondering that this is the job for me, and sometime when I find that someone else has to make a large transfer and they’re fearful about what they’ll do about packing up their very own distant control helicopter collection, I can be right there to assist them out. I am so happy that the helicopter enthusiasts in my neighborhood have such a “pay it ahead” perspective, and I know that someday if I ever need them again, they’ll still be there for me. This is additionally one thing to think about while you buy a remote control helicopter—are the people in the area going to be out there to fly it with you? As a result of it’s often the most rewarding expertise to teach someone else learn how to actually grasp the flight of a helicopter, and with out another person there, you don’t get the same enjoyment out of flying.

After all, if you happen to’re the sort of individual that basically likes solitude, then perhaps you’d really choose to purchase you remote control helicopter in an space the place there’s a dearth of other helicopter fans, but these people are rare within the helicopter community. Consider me, I do know quite a lot of them!

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